Grace and Beauty in Wild Santorini

Outstanding churches
and the artistic value
of traditional sculpting

Culture for the real world

Traditional church located in one of the most famous Greek islands: Santorini

For all its modern day beauty and splendor, Santorini has been a wild, challenging place for thousands of years—from the active volcano that formed the island to the sometimes challenging weather conditions and the looming threat of pirates and invaders that plagued the island for centuries. Yet from all the challenges and hardships came perseverance, inspiration, and immeasurable beauty, visible just as much in the stunning landscape and natural beauty that the island is known for as it is in the achievements and culture of its people—a triumphant celebration of human will.

Grace and Beauty in Wild Santorini is a cultural tour that traces the Byzantine past of Santorini and invites guests to learn about the hardships of life on this isolated volcanic island and to witness the incredible ways in which our fellow humans have learned to overcome them.

Please note that this tour involves a significant amount of walking and can be considered physically demanding.

The church of Panagia Episkopi in Santorini island, Greece

Visit one of the most stunning Byzantine-era cathedrals in Santorini, the Church of Panaghia Episkopi, which is adorned with detailed frescoes and valuable icons.

The rock-curved Church of Panagia Sergena in Santorini island, Greece

Climb up a wooden ladder to access the one-of-a-kind Church of Panaghia Sergena, carved into the rock face.

The famed sculptor Grigoris Kouskouris, when met during the cultural tour in Santorini, Greece

Meet the famed sculptor Grigoris Kouskouris, and learn about the traditional techniques of his craft

An artpiece to admire during the cultural tour in Santorini, Greece
The famous cherry tomatoes of Santorini island, Greece
Traditional cheese and olives as offerings during the cultural tour in Santorini, Greece

Experience Santorini’s famed hospitality first hand, and enjoy a selection of delectable mezedes at Grigoris’ gallery.

Small street at the village of Vothonas, in Santorini island, Greece

Wander through the unusually quaint village of Vothonas, where dwellings were traditionally carved into the rock. Most of these cave structures are still in use today.

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Grace and Beauty in Wild Santorini

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