The Secrets of Santorini

The splendor
and grandeur
of Santorini’s hospitality

Culture for the real world

Traditonally made door in Santorini island, Greece

The residents of Santorini have always known that they live in a special place. For thousands of years, they have created glorious works of art to celebrate the beauty of the natural world around them. They have built spectacular villages to support their thriving communities. And they continue to take pleasure in the simplest of things, like the view of the sun setting into the Aegean Sea or a glass of local wine. Times may change, but the magic of Santorini doesn’t.

This tour invites guests to follow in the footsteps of Santorini residents before them and to experience the island’s timeless beauty like never before, drawing on the wealth and warmth of Greek hospitality.

Please note that this tour involves a significant amount of walking and can be considered physically demanding.

Take a stroll through the picturesque village of Pyrgos, and take in the stunning panoramic views across Santorini.

Traditional house at the village of Pyrgos in Santorini island, Greece
Bedroom in a tradional house in Santorini island, Greece
Venetian Private Mansion in Santorini island, Greece

Experience authentic Santorinian hospitality with a visit to a private 19th-century mansion and watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea as you sip local wine.

One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, the one in Akrotiri in Santorini island

Visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri, once a thriving Minoan settlement, and discover its beautiful architecture and artifacts.

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The Secrets of Santorini

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